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i love all of you. thanks for everything - without yas i dont know what i would do <33

the giirLs
emily - you know that no matter what is going on, i will always be there for you. you are my best friend and nothing can change that. we have had some crazy ass times together, and so many more to come. you are always there for me whenever i need anything. you are such a great girl and i love you so much bff<3
tara - stupid fuuck i love you so much and i dont know what i would do without you. you make me laugh so much. hah - - study hall.. we have a good time, playing our car game, ya kno? spanish is awesome too. u love ur babyy. aw so cute, always here for you - best friiends i love you girll<3
rachel - i love how no matter what situation im in or what im feeling, you always seem to understand me. i love it, cus not many people do. that one car ride, oh we became so close, holding on for my life. haha much love hun<3
amanda - do you need any.. nail polish? lol you are the funniest girl. i love how you can always speak your mind, and always stand up for yourself. i seriously like look up to you. you are so crazy, but i love you so muchh<3
katie p - us and our stories. ooh man we share some good ones. us and our men that we cant seem to get, so sad. we will get the guys we deserve someday, dont you worry. ill always be here for you through every bitch and asshole that hurts you<3
fotiou - you dont need him, he definitely doesnt deserve you. just remember that. dont cry over any guy cus in the end they are never worth it. im always here for you girl<3
julie - we used to be beSt friends .. remember pfl? haha how gay were we. jk but we were inseparable. im glad we are still tight though. we share guy problems and everything. i still know you like the back of my hand. ill never forget you<3
morgan - im glad we are still friends too. though we arent as close as we were last year, we still talk a lot and know everything about eachother. world lit nd cult wouldnt be the same without you ly<3
susan - our walk? yeah it was nice and COLD. wow, some people. i love when im upset or mad about something, you get even madder than me about it and start flipping out and causing a scene. you can always put a smile on my face<3
liz - you know that im always here for you no matter what happens. i really dont want you to move, but if its gona make you happy, then im happy for you, but that doesnt mean im not gona miss you<3
sarah - hah you are hilarious. 'did you rob a bank or something?' 'no, our mothers' lol that was so funny. your plastic bags, drive to mcdonalds, breaking the whole room. never knew there could be so many crazy times in one day. haha .. crazy day at emilys, love uu<3
meredith - your weenie is still in my freezer! haha you gota get that sometime.. ya kno? cus its kinda weird.. haha ooh man. we had our little fight, but im glad we both got over that cus it wasnt worth losing you over. wats up with the assholes nd whores? we will never kno..<3
liv - hahah omg you are the most random person i know. you talk about lesbian nuns, then people eating your dog? wat the hell hahah whenever i cant go a time talking to you without laughing, i really dont think its possible<3
brenna - our names ryhme! haha i will never forget church and confirmation class with you. those were some good times. i miss chilling with you, but im glad we chill in school. im always here for you nd you kno that<3
kmalloy - lol you are insane. remember that time at ramas house? we had a lot of fun and we shared our stories as well i love youu<3
rama - haha everyday, you ask me for stories. i had to disappoint you when i say no, but something interesting doesnt happen to me everyday. im very sorry<3
emily g - you are so cute. you're always there to listen to me whenever. thanks for everything i love you<3
nicole - we got off to a bad start, but its all good now. im glad i got to know you cus u are an awesome girl. we are so alike! lawrence toyota!! haha so funny .. we both gota remember guys suck the cock. hah i love you<3
chelsea.shannon.emily - - > you girls are so adorable. we'll be reunited again in 2 years.. thats when the fun will start. i love u three SO much.. its insane.. and cally and megan.. i love you both too<3
-- > to my other girls, i didnt forget you, i love you all <--
now for my boYs
ross - you are such an amazing kid. im glad that we have become pretty close recently. you are cool as shit nd i love chilling with you. i know i can come to u with my problems, nd u know you can do the same with me. you are definitely one of my best friends. u also crack me up. youll be able to quit.. eventually, haha maybe not soon, but sometime! just gota work on that. hah oh nd about when i first met you.. oh shit hah love you<3
ben - im glad that our past didnt affect our friendship, cus shit happens, you gota learn to forgive. you are one of my best friends, whenever im upset, or in deep shit i call you cus i know that you can help me out. and you know that you are the coolest. thanks for being there, love ya<3
koke - okay wow.. ups and downs -- we've had it all. we weren't friends in there for a while .. cus i was a 'shadeball' hah but im sorry. idk what went wrong, but im glad we worked it out. you were my best friend and i hope im getting that back somewhat. we could always talk about everything to eachother, and u know that im still here for you through whatever. love yaa<3
patrick - you are such a great kid. you are one of the nicest guys i know by far. you're always there for me no matter what, and you know the same goes for you. we both like the wrong people at the wrong time nd it sucks, but we are gona get it right.. yaa kno? ly<3
tim - you are so adorable. you say the cutest things all the time 'sup cutie' you always make me laugh no matter how im feeling. you are like a brother to me. i know you would never play a girl, dont worry hah<3
mike - hah you are hilarious too. you need to get some energy hah. you're always trying to start something with me though, i could take you down, no question. hah ya riight<3
ollie - aw you are so cute! i wish you went to school around here. i loved that long talk i had with you at the beach. we got eachothers life stories. so much fun. your a good lad. haha. i miss you!!! ly<3
adam - you are such a cool kid. you say the funniest most random things. i love how you start 'fights' then back down. lol much love<3
pete - you were the first one i knew, besides patrick of course. you were so nice to me that one time i was ballin my eyes out, you came inside and talked to me, nd we barly even knew eachother. im sorry that i cant control my dreams.. but it was funny, u nd ur cat<3
terry - neighbor.. wats upp. you still havent came and visited me, whats up with that? i would walk, but its kinda far.. i still remember that advice you gave me, hah.. you just felt so.. free..<3
eric - thanks for listening to me and giving me advice. you help me out a lot and i appreciate it. you are such a great kid. remember - we are getting married if we arent already by the age of 30 .. oH yeS love you<3
hager - i miss you! i will never forget you. i remember u playing 'mom' at the beach. aw you are so cute -- i love you so much<3
tommy - can't wait til you come home. i still have that blue bunny you gave me in 7th grade. you make me laugh so much. you are so crazy, i miss you a lott! we are gona chill so much wen u get back<3
-- > to the other guys , i love you all < --