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--> you want to know what makes me love you more than I loved him? It's because when he got me I was perfectly unused, I was fearless and a hopeless romantic. When you got me I was battered and bruised, afraid of the world, and cynical about love.. yet you didn't leave <--

--> if only you could see what I see, maybe then you would understand, when I'm with you, I'm happy. it may not sound like much to you, but to me, it's everything... <--

--> I hope this ends like in a movie. He's chasing her, I'm chasing him, then one night under the stars he realizes I'm the one he should have been chasing <--

--> It's not about the perfect setting. It's not about the perfect timing. It's about the perfect person. Nothing else matters <--

--> i wish i could be your girl. the one who puts her arms around you, the one who lays her head besides you, the one who listens  when you need it, when no one else can see it, i can see it. your girl. the one who knows when something is wrong, the one who knows your favorite song. your girl. the one who all your family loves. the one you place no one above.. <--

--> and now we're standing face to face isn't this world a crazy place, just when i thought our chance had passed you go and save the best for last.. <--

--> it's heaven when you find romance on your menu.. what a difference a day made, and the difference is you.. <--

--> i want your arms to fall into mine when nothing is going my way, to look me right in the eyes and say 'baby, everything will be okay' <--

--> you started something can't you see? Ever since we met you've had a hold on me.. <--

--> i like the whole single | party | fun thing.. but im sure i wouldnt mind the whole hugging | holding hands | im his girl kinda thing.. <--

--> Remember when she leaves you in the rain, I'll still be standing here <--

--> Please don't break my heart. It's been broken so many times, and each time I've had enough strength to repair it. But I think that if you were to break my heart, it would shatter into a million pieces and it wouldn't be able to put together once again. I don't think my heart could take being broken once more, especially by you <--

--> I see you every week, I talk to you everyday.We smile and laugh together every day. So why is it that we can't be more than friends <--

--> I fall for these jerks, and I get hurt, but the worst part is it makes me realize what I really want and what I cant have...my best friend <--

--> I've been holding onto this stupid crush for so long, I think I was scared to let go of it. You know, like, if I did, if I admitted that we were never going to get together, that somehow it would put everything into question. Like, without that possibility, I had nothing <--

--> Every time I'm close to you, there's too much I can't say and you just walk away never understanding what you meant to me <--

--> you've got a way it seems, You gave me faith to find my dreams, you'll never know just what that means, can't you see....you got a way with me. <--

--> Don't you hate it when you're in love with someone and they have absolutely no idea? <--

--> .. and she'd do anything to sparkle in his eyes .. <--

--> sometimes you meet someone and you know that whatever you did before must have been right, nothing could have been too bad or gone too far because it led you to this person.. <--

--> everytime i run - i promise it'll be right to you <--

--> its funny when the only guy you want, is the only guy you seem you can't have, and when you get other opportunities with other guys, it's never worth it because all that matters is your number one <--

--> a girl asked a guy if she was pretty. he said no a girl asked a guy if he wanted to be with her forever, he said no. a girl asked a guy if he would cry for her, he said no. She had heard enough and turned away, he grabbed her arm and told her to stay. `your'e not pretty, your beautiful, i dont wanna be with you forever, I need to be with you forever, I wouldnt cry for u I'd die for you.. <--

--> And it's hard for me to take a stand when I would take him anyway I can <--

--> When I looked in your eyes, I was surprised, you looked at me the way I have always looked at you. <--

--> Sometimes you have to let go of a person to find out if there is something there to hold onto <--

--> when he grabbed my hand half of me wanted to scream for him not to touch me .. but the other half wanted me to beg him to never let go of it <--

--> why do we always seem to want what we cant have - lessons learned but then i listen to my heart -- and it says still run back for more <--

--> true love is when you shed a tear and still want him, its when he ignores you and you still love him, its when he loves another girl, but you still smile and say 'im happy for you' when all you really want to do is cry <--

--> Im not asking for the so called perfect guy, just someone who will be there for me if i need to cry, someone who will always care, someone who will lend a hand and will always be there <--

--> The one and only thing i want right now is to find a guy who likes me for me, a guy who isnt afraid to act like himself around me and for me to be able to act like myself around him. someone to cuddle with and make me feel wanted, someone to love, and someone to love me <--

--> i dont regret a thing ive done or a thing ive chosen not to do, because whatever i have done i must have done something right, i ended up with you <--

--> someone asked me what i see in you.. my only answer was *everything* <--

--> its not like i want to be the one holding your hand.. i just dont want her holding it < --

--> i remember the first time you smiled at me, the world around me just dissapeared <--

--> so let me get lost in those eyes of yours, i want to be the one you deserve.. come fall into me, i promise ill try to be everything u want me to be <--

--> for some odd reason, the fact that you love her, doesnt stop me from loving you <--

--> theres something about the look in your eyes. something i noticed when the light was just right. it reminded me twice that i was alive, it reminded me that your so worth any fight.. <--

--> did you ever just put out your arms and spin. thats what love feels like. inside something is telling you to stop before you fall and get hurt, but you just keep on spinning <--

--> never give up on something you love, no matter how hard it seems to get <--

--> if he takes time to argue with you, he cares a lot more then he lets you know <--

--> its like a private joke, just meant for us to know. i relate to you naturally, everybody else just fades away. sometimes its hard to breathe just knowing you found me <--

--> i wanna know everything about you, inside and out. the girl that you just cant live without. i wanna be the girl all your boys know your thinking about, the one youll love forever, without a doubt. i just wanna be ur girl, the only one in ur world <--

--> sometimes i think im dreaming, is it real? what i feel, i gota be the one you touch, i gota be the one you love, i gota be the one you feel, i gota be the one you need, i gota be the one <--

--> wait for the guy who will be your best friend and who wants to show you off to the world, even when your in sweats, a hoodie and no makeup <--

--> sometimes all i ever wish for is for someone to wish for me <--